Thursday, November 13, 2008


My oldest daughter loves to talk. She's been speaking in sentences since she was 2--she's almost 3. I love it most days. But what the heck am I supposed to do when she starts divulging things to people that I don't really want her to. For example she tells everyone, including strangers and my family a version of:

"I broke the curtains in sister's room and mommy told me, tell me the truth! and then I got a time out. And then mommy told me, NO! And i broke the curtain. and annd and then I am not allowed to throw water out the bathtub. And mommy spanked me, and took my paci and I had to go night night."


"i can't tie my sissy up with a jump rope my daddy says no. and i can't hit her. my daddy yelled at me. i'm not allowed to have my pink princess jumprope. I have to be nice to my sister girl or daddy yell at me."

it's true, she did break the curtains over a month ago, and she did get a time out. she did dump about a gallon of water out of the tub for the zillionth time, and i did smack her butt one time and put her directly to bed. it's also true that my very kind and gentle hubs yelled at her not to tie up her sister. it's all true. but how do we get her to keep it to herself?????

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Loooook Mommy!

I am really over the commercials that are making my 2 year olds' head almost explode with shear joy!

"Look mommy, a princess KITCHEN! A princess kitchen! I looooove that princess kitchen!"


"Look mommy, those baby dolls are swimming!"


"Look mommy, it's WUBZY!!!"

She isn't asking me to buy those things, she's just excited to see them I guess. Her favorite reading material these days is the Lillian Vernon, Pottery Barn and ABC catalogs. Like mother like daughter?