Thursday, November 6, 2008

Loooook Mommy!

I am really over the commercials that are making my 2 year olds' head almost explode with shear joy!

"Look mommy, a princess KITCHEN! A princess kitchen! I looooove that princess kitchen!"


"Look mommy, those baby dolls are swimming!"


"Look mommy, it's WUBZY!!!"

She isn't asking me to buy those things, she's just excited to see them I guess. Her favorite reading material these days is the Lillian Vernon, Pottery Barn and ABC catalogs. Like mother like daughter?


Jiff said...

Wait until she says, "Can I have this pleeeeease?" and then screams and whines when you say no. lol. hehehehehehe

Constance65 said...

And so it begins....
My son's catalog of choice lately has been FAO Schwarz...along with the daily trickle of Wal-mart, Target and Toysrus "holiday books".

Oh and the littlest is so excited when the baby is simming too!