Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ramble Rant.

My mom is returning from an extended vacation with her husband (for the 15th year in a row-no really, this is the 15th year). It started when I was in Jr High, and now I am married with 2 kids. She's missed a lot, but always tried to butt in when she is here. Anyway, I am bummed out because her presence just stresses me out. What I had previously considered to be her quirky ways, now seem a bit crazy and uhh... bizarre. I totally trust her to watch my kids (and it's a nice reprieve) but then we have issues. Because in her twisted little head I think she thinks that my kid is me when I was that age. And since she chose her husband (the man she cheated on my dad with) over her 3 kids, she has some making up to do. Like take my kid to McDonalds even though I said no. Also my kid is 3 now very smart. It's gonna be hard when she leaves again, and I have to try and explain it to my kid.

That's all. I feel insight full all of the sudden.

Give me strength. She'll be here in 1 day.


Anonymous said...

thinking of you...


Jiff said...

Too bad you can't go on a vacation until she leaves. lol.

Hang in there. *hugs*

Constance the 32nd said...

Tell her you'll be gone when she gets there: in the Bahamas, or Tahiti, or Nebraska. So too bad for her, she'll have to catch you next time. Hopefully she won't stay too long. Sending you all the strength and support that I can muster right now.

Constance the 79th said...

I hope it turns out to be better than anticipated for you. That's how it is for me with my in-laws.

My mom does the same thing: I tell her what to do with my kids, and she does something completely different. And she gives my kids guilt trips about not being potty trained. What's up with that?

Hang in there.

Constance the Super said...

Ugh. Is she gone yet?