Monday, October 13, 2008


  • I opened and Esty shop and I really hope it's going to be successful! If you want to know the addy, email me.
  • My diet is going well. I've been working out and counting calories, and cutting off wine and other booze so that's some calories lost. The bummer is that I am sick and the last thing that I want to do right now is exercise.
  • My kid is doing well with the potty training. She keeps holding her poops and I am not sure what to do about that.
  • I can see into the future that this kid is not going to want to be told what to do and that scares me. Sometimes it's like she's a rotten teenager in a 2.5 year old body.
  • The other kid who is 1 has done everything sooner than her older sis including, sitting, rolling over and walking months earlier in fact, except talking. She babbles a lot and says mommy and daddy and hi and baba, but that's all. Is this normal for the 2nd sib? Maybe she's the quiet one? She sure is super happy all the time.
  • I'm pretty excited that I am hosting Thanksgiving this year at our house, even if my MIL does come. My hope is that if she comes for Tday she won't come for Christmas.
  • I nearly filleted my finger the other night with a butter knife. It is so gross. Husband wrapped it up and stopped the bleeding. I prob could have used a couple of stitches, we butterfly bandaged it instead. No ER for me!
  • I am stoked that fall is here. The bummer is that I am caffeine free and can't enjoy the beloved pumpkin spice fraps.
  • That's all for me. Hope everyone is enjoying the lover-ly fall.


Anonymous said...

We are still having some difficulty with the poop thing too and my daughter has been potty trained for about 8 months. From what I understand it is normal. I was hanging out with some moms from preschool and I would say 3out of 5 of the mom's said there kids were having problems with poop too. I would say it is the age. Glad to hear the diet is going well. And I must go check out your shop. Yay!


Constance the 32nd said...

Good luck with the Etsy shop! That is such great news. I'm glad that your diet is going well and I hope that you feel better soon. I totally understand about the rotten teenager in a 2.5 year old body - my daughter was the same and I am still dreading what it's going to be like in a few years when she is actually a teenager. And I love fall too!! If only this kind of weather would last all year long.

Jiff said...

I've heard the poop things work themselves out. And the second sibling usually does most things sooner because they have an older sibling as a role model. As for talking, ENJOY the quiet for now... Z didn't start talking for a while and now he's 6 and NEVER shuts up!
I know a few people who LOVE etsy... I may have to check it out...but I don't need another addiction (thank you, eBay). lol.

Constance the Super said...

I'm a second child who did just that--everything else fast b/c big sis was doing it and I wanted to keep up. No talking until I was 22 months. Mom still tells the story of how she thought I was "special." I don't think you should worry.

I have little experience with 2.5 year olds, but lots with rotten teenagers. Some positives:
- can wipe their own bums
- can get sarcasm
- can be pretty funny
(And I had a refrain-from-hitting-the-students kind of day, so I can normally find more nice things to say)

Constance the Super said...

What's your email for the Etsy store?

constancethesuper at gmail dot com