Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stealing from Constance (6 things)

I stole this six things meme from the OG Constance

1. I get really frustrated when people miss spell or confuse the words two, too and to.
2. I love the 99 cent store. I never need anything from there, but I love it.
3. I recently read Twilight, and and not at all ashamed to admit that I might be partially in love with a vampire named Edward. It's cool, the hubs already knows.
4. I found myself vetoing things that my mom wanted to do with kid just beause I felt like being a jerk and pulling the "well, I am her mom" card.
5. I can't even remember the last time I said the F word outloud, but I say it in my head ALL THE TIME.
6. I never use the term hate but I HATE Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Justin Bobby.

7. I let me kids watch TV sometimes I don't feel bad about it one single bit.

Thanks for the comments about dealing with my mother. Today was day one, and it was ok. It was a short visit, which was good because I can only take her in small doses.


Jiff said...

1.I HATE (I use that word all the time. lol) when people misspell two, too, and to, too!!! lol. Seriously, it drives me INSANE.
2. Me too! I take Z there to get toys when I'm broke but he's been super good and I want to be generous.
3.I need to read that book. So many rave reviews over the series.
4.I cannot WAIT to do that. So far the people I'm around have been moms longer than me and I have no issues with my mom...so I need to find when I can use that card. I cant' wait!
5. You and me both, sister. I say it when I am M A D as a hornet and my hubbs always has a look of "oh shit" on his face.
6.I can't stand The Hills and do not watch it. And Speidi is ridiculous. Why are they "celebrities" again??
7. I wouldn't either. I watched a ton of tv growing up and turned out just fine. I actually learned a lot of stuff. My hubbs was the same way. I just hate those stupid ass cartoons like pokemon and crap like that. My kids aren't allowed to watch cartoons that will make your brain go numb.

Sorry for the long comment!

Constance Free said...

Hello from a new Constance! I hate it when people use the wrong you're/your. For me that's the absolute worst! Well maybe it ties with people using the wrong they're/there/their!!

Constance (the First) said...

Yay! I love this meme! So many interesting things we wouldn't otherwise know!

Constance the Super said...

I'm with Constance the Free!