Monday, January 26, 2009

Pants on Fire!

I've talked before about my brother who lies alot. Lately it's getting worse. He lies about stupid trivial things though. Things that are silly, but things that make him feel important and powerful. For example he claims to "run" a local radio station. However in reality, he only makes sure that no is dead air during a pre-recorded broadcast. He claims that he heads a bible study group of "several people" when I know from bible study advisor that his group that has been shut down for a while now. He claims that my folks gave him the third degree about a girl that he used to "date", even going as far as saying that they were pestering him to get back together with her. When I mentioned this to my dad (who honestly never lies) he had no idea what I was talking about because obviously, that convo had never happened. He lies about doing things like eating at certain resturants that have been closed for year and about things like swearing that the way I pronouce procuttio is wrong. "My roommate is Italian, I swear to god you are saying it wrong." BTW: he has no Italian roommate.

I just hate lying. I hate lying on all levels, but lying about such trivial things is so annoying and stupid to me. I mean, I just hate it. It's like insulting to have someone lie to you about things that you know aren't true, yet they still try to force you to believe them. I am not stupid enough to believe that after just being hired, he's responsiuble for the entire production of a nationally broadcasted radio program. I am not stupid enought to believe that he's seen a live birth as he once stated "Of couse I've seen a live birth, duh I work in a hospital." YEAH, IN THE CAFETERIA, YA IDIOT! Let me tell you if the cafeteria boy showed up in the delivery room when I was in labor I would be pissed! I just want to tell him that EVERYONE knows he a liar and that he should shut up before it damages more realtionships. I just don't understand why someone would intentially make themselves look so stupid!??!


Anonymous said...

Lying drives me berserk. I hate fighting, but I would prefer fighting to having someone lie to my face. And when it's something that's easy to confirm? ARGH! So you're lying to me AND assuming I'm stupid? Double thanks.

Constance the Super

Jiff said...

Wow. That would drive me insane!

Constance65 said...

I can totally relate, 14K! That drives me crazy! Because in the end, you wonder if you can trust anything that comes out of their mouth. My sil is EXACTLY the same way, but she lies about pretty big stuff too.

Anonymous said...

I have someone in my life that lies about everything too. It is so frustrating. I agree with you it is totally insulting to my intelligence, and makes me question EVERYTHING they say. In my opinion I think that people who lie about stupid little things are hiding a way bigger secret they are afraid will come out. I have called this person out on the lying and it has not helped. All she does is get defensive and say things like "I swear blah blah blah is true." Or she will alter the story a little to make it more true, but still not entirely true, or say I thought I was telling the truth. She lies a lot by omission like telling you half the story the parts she wants you to know leaving out the important things.