Sunday, June 8, 2008

15Things I have Done Today...

  1. Eaten some linguine with clam sauce. Surprisingly not as bad as you think.
  2. Messed with my new hair do, and decided that while I like my new modified bob-ish hair cut, I makes me look fatter.
  3. Read some of my book while lounging in the back yard on a chaise lounge. No kidding, I really did this. (One kid is with Grandma, one kid was napping and one husband was with the guys.)
  4. Watched 2 only ok movies on satellite, Sliding Doors and The Holiday.
  5. Played kissy face with baby after nap time.
  6. Did some laundry.
  7. Actually folded it and put it away.
  8. Ate a Klondike bar
  9. Let baby taste Klondike Bar.
  10. Shopped online. Got a really cute peasant type shirt.
  11. Pondered telling the ex-pal who is posting antagonizing blogs towards me where she can shove it, but then changed my mind and decided to take the high road.
  12. Had 2 beers after midnight while somewhat waiting for hubs to come home.
  13. Realized that this is only like his 2nd ever "Guys Night Out" since we have been married...that I can remember, and I honestly can't recall the one before tonight. Same for me . Does this make us boring?
  14. Maybe I like boring, ok?
  15. Felt thankful that my husband won't drink and drive.
  16. Thought about eating midnight snack, but then decided that beer sounded better.
    Hey, I ain't driving anywhere.


Omaha Mama said...

I like your music so much - I'll put it on even when not reading!
That sounds like an awesome day.

amber said...

Yuck, I HATE when haircuts make you look fatter. I've had one or two of those. And usually it's because I cut it too short, and then I have to WAIT to grow it out.

Misguided Mommy said...

i want to know the antagonizing friend blog!!!!!