Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are you Effing Kidding Me?

(first of all, sorry i know that graphic is rude, but that's totally how I am feeling.)

So as I previously whined, my husband is going to NYC to be the best man in a wedding.

Today he drove south about 100 miles to the airport. His flight was canceled with the only option being to fly out on Friday. So he came home.

So I canceled that and got him a new flight about 100 miles north of us. So tomorrow he will drive another hundred plus miles in the opposite direction to head east.

After spending all day figuring this out, and canceling tickets and getting new ones etc, etc, etc....the parents of the guy getting married will no longer come and pick my husband up at the airport because he has to fly into JFK now rather than the original arrival airport of Newark. So now, no one will come to pick him up because they don't want to drive into the city-about 65 miles away. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? Their demeanor/ attitude is basically "figure it out. "

Same applies to him getting to the airport for his trip home. "Oh, well we know that you are coming all the way from the west coast to a city you have never been to, to be here and that it's cost you close to 1500 dollars, but we don't want to come to the city to pick you up so just figure it out."

Here's the tally for just US for this wedding of our friend to a ridiculous girl that we don't really want him to marry:
absurdly expensive tux rental: 200
1st ticket: 500
gas to airport: 75
gas back from airport: 75
(trip to bev mo for liquid strength:50)
2nd ticket: 460
gas to second airport: 75
Taxi from airport in NY:100
Taxi back to airport:100
parking: 80
gas back from airport: 75
GRAND TOTAL: $1330.00

My husband is agro about this and I am too. What kind of jerks just do that? We discussed this and no matter where someone we knew was coming into we would go and get them. Even if it was inconvenient or a hassle because that's what normal do!! They don't just say figure it out.

Gotta go, a stiff drink is calling my name.


Constance65 said...

OMG! He is the best man and they won't pick him up? That is pretty rude. I am sure this is another reason why you are glad that you aren't going to this wedding:)?

constance the eleventh said...

That sucks! I think it's NYC though- I flew there from across the country awhile back and my very good friend wouldn't drive into the city to get me either. Come on. If you're going to visit somebody, they need to come get you, or at least arrange for a shuttle or something.

I can't believe this wedding is costing you so much! That's insane!

"Constance-1-M" said...

Oh My Gaw. WTF???

Who does that?!

He's showing up FOR THEM & they can't be bothered to come pick him up & help the guy out?!?

Oh hells no.

The $200 tux would have hacked me off. Hubs guys wore $70 tuxes & looked absolutely HAWT. Good grief.

Constance the 14,000th said...

c 1-m the 200 tux thing is something we were already pissed about. who gets the $200 tux? my husbands was like 80 or something and he was smokin'!

the bride is total bridezilla and before that was grilfriend-zilla. we figured she'd be unreasonable. lame!

Misguided Mommy said...

well i hope he at least got really drunk on their tab!!!!!!!!

Constance 50 said...

Ummm, no!
That is rude.
Do you watch Bridezilla??