Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Recap Randomness

Yesterday I opened our local news paper and was shocked to find a picture that I sent in.....
My mom left yesterday and of course it was a tad dramatic. She cried. I didn't. She'll be gone until the new year I am sure. But they will act like they will be back in Oct, but then keep changing their plans last min. LAME.

I have a slight hangover, but had a good time with the hubs last night. We rocked out and had some good laughs like the good ol' days before kids.

Who am I kidding, these are the good ol' days and I wouldn't even go back! Life really is good.

This is detox week where we eat really healthy and no booze.

This weekend all bets are off.


Constance 101 said...

That is a beautiful photo.