Friday, June 6, 2008

OK, Now I am Mad

So before I claimed not to be mad, just disconnected. Well, now I am mad.I told my husband to round up bail money because I was going to kill my mom this morning.

My mom and her husband are going to be leaving soon. For the 15th year in a row (nearly half my life). Supposedly everyone who actually stays in the same place is supposed to change their entire lives to accommodate their flightiness and incapability of staying put for any extended period of time.

Never can she give me a straightforward answer, "Oh I am not sure if we are going on Friday or Sunday. But that's OK with me, I don't even care anymore, I'll just be in the RV when it's pulling out." Or in a sort of flaky-whimsical voice "Oh, who knows how long we will be gone, that's part of the joy of traveling." Like she is such a free spirit she just can't grow roots.

Recently the sound of her voice has been infuriating me. She's mad when things don't go right and they have issues preventing them from hitting the road. She complains about having to put together the RV with everything they need to be long gone for months. My retort to her complaints (in my head and out loud to my husband) is: IF IT'S SUCH A PAIN IN THE ARSE DON'T GO THEN! And if you do, don't complain about it because once again you are choosing to go.

And don't be all weepy and sad when you leave. It's your choice. Don't be all sensitive when we all just move on with our lives and continue on without tears and long goodbye speeches. We are used to it! That's why we spend holidays with my pops, because he lives in the same place 100% of the time. Like normal people do.

My eldest kid is now with my mom spending some quality time before they take off. My kid lovvvvvvvvvvves my mom (because she is 2 and too young to be annoyed by her yet) and so I am happy that she gets to spend time with her, although I know it will be hard when she wants to go to her house and I have to tell her she can't. In the last 3 days she has literally told me 10 different scenarios about when and what time they will leave and we have made arrangements for me to pick up my kid. Then she'd call minutes, hours or the next day to proclaim "Plans have changed, again." I almost driove the 705 miles to snatch up my kid out of total and complete irateness.

Just figure it out, and do it! I am so over it.

(And now, I shall sulk and feel slighty bad that I am such a mean hateful person.)


ConstanceTheNinth said...

Ooh girl I feel you. My Mom and Dad go to FL for half the year and she is always VERY VERY sad to leave me and not be able to see the kids, whatever, etc. And I think well don't leave, then. Stay here and enjoy your grandchildren! Babysit! :)