Friday, May 30, 2008


Here's where I get way too over analytical....

So Sex and the City dropped and women all over the world are jumping for joy. It's caused quite an uproar over the past few years because everyone said that they would never do a movie. I liked the TV show. It was brash and crude and pretty much a lot like me in it's peak. I loved to watch the fashion and the glamor of the city. The architecture and the shoes alone had me wishing to move to NYC.

But then several thing happened and it make me not like the show so much. #1 I got married to an amazing man and realized that dating is not all it's cracked up to be. And neither is being single. #2 That episode where Carrie and Big did it in his apartment, and then Natasha came home to find Carrie, and chased after her and fell and broke her tooth. And while Carrie did the right thing and walked away, she still ends up with him in the end? True he's handsome, successful, charming and rich, but I can't take it!!! Big is not worth the shame or the doubt that Carrie SHOULD feel! (Although, Chris Noth is one of those weird choices I have made when it comes to celebrity crushes, right along side Simon Cowell and Hugh Grant.)

In a movie/series that is supposed to empower women, isn't it odd that the heroine ends up with the guy that married someone else, cheated on her with someone, and over all treated her like crap, except on the rare occasion when he had time to be better? Is that really the type of thing that young women or women in their 30's should be aspiring to?


amber said...

I don't think Hugh Grant is a weird celebrity crush. I think he's foxy. Although you lost me completely on the other two.

ConstanceTheSuper said...

I never really felt right that Carrie ended up with Mr. Big. I thought that all those break-ups meant that they really and truly weren't meant to be. And now that I'm married, the Other Woman ending up with him in the end feels really cheap. And plays into a lot of what happens in the movie. She "knew he would do it." Well, dur. And she kind of deserved it--she didn't help give him hope that a marriage could last.

Anyway, the clothes and shoes were worth the price of admission.

Constance the 14,000th said...

c the suepr-oh yipee! i am glad that someone agrees with me about carrie and big. i mean you said it perfectly!