Thursday, May 8, 2008

Things are LAME

Thing #1 is that Microsoft would invent a product that my husband would fall in love with, that has such a mechanical bug they added red lights to indicate the mechanical failure? Xbox 360 is on it's way to the repair center along with millions of other consoles. In reality, the hubs doesn't play very often unless the girls and I are out because it's not appropriate for an influential 2 year old to watch her dad kill zombies or whatever they are. But It still irks me that they knowingly sell things where 30% of them fail and must be repaired.

Thing #2 is that my oldest has had about 4 time outs before lunch.

Things #3 is that there is 4 large brown spots in my yard.

Thing #4 is that my poor husband woke up in the middle of the night feeling like he was getting sick. Booo. Now I will insist that he takes Airborne and drinks a TON of water.

Thing #5 is that Jason Castro lasted as long as he did.

Thing #6 is the fact that I am still bothered by the incompetent service I was provided with at a local Subway. The sammy maker was shouting to her friend in the back about going to a beach party. Then she informed me that they were out of tomatoes. Usually this particular Subway is operated by the owners. But that night it was operated by a couple of teens who thought they were too good to work at the place. LAME. But what's lamer is that I am still annoyed. I hate poor service.

Thing #7 is that I feel a deep sense of loss when I have to prune my roses. Seriously. I know that is so ridiculous, but for reals!!

Thing #8 is that while I will see the Sex in the City movie, I find myself not being able to relate to the series anymore. While watching the episode where Big and Carrie are having an affair and Natasha comes home and then finds Carrie, and then knocks her tooth out had me mad! I think I will blog more about this later....


Anonymous said...

Hope the hubby is feeling better.

Your roses are gorgeous.

Yea I think my daughter had 4 time outs by breakfast time. Aren't they cute.


SUEB0B said...
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SUEB0B said...

Ack. Cannot stand auto-playing music. Do not want, sorry.

the boss said...

if you don't like auto play music, don't read the blog then.