Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Declaration

In one week from today, I turn 29. A year from that I will be 30. That will mean that I have spent 15 years feeling overweight and unhappy about it. Therefore, I have decided to declare my 29th year as the that I finallyget skinny get down to the weight that I am comfortable with.

I plan on doing so by eating much healthier and limiting my intake of my favorite things such as chocolate and cheese and basically most carbs.

I also plan on walking a min of 3 days a week with the girls.

I also hope to do yoga on the mornings that we don't walk.

I also plan on venting alot during this time because I love too cook and I love to eat and I love bad food. And wine.

I hope that this plan will give me more energy and drive to be active, as well as make me more comfortable in clothes, and dare I say it? A bathing suit.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, on making a decision to get healthy. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Have you heard of Spark It is a wonderful web site where you can track calories/exercise and get general weight loss tips. I love it.

Sending you healthy vibes ~~~~