Saturday, July 12, 2008

3 Things

a few of my fab friends have commented that i have been missing, and are wondering if i am ok. yep, i am ok. i am alive, i have a wonderful husband, some great kids and life is pretty good. i guess i am suffering from what i refer to as the "dalies". my daily schedule has become monotonous and routine and i wonder how long i can keep it up without going insane. then i feel ungrateful and stupid for not being BEYOND THRILLED that I have the life i/we always wanted. there are people out there way less fortunate and i am complaining???? what gives me the right? i am such a jerk.

so in an effort to be less cynical and more positive, i want to know 3 positive things about your life. they can be as simple as not having any laundry to fold to something more complex like surviving a nasty breakup.

it's always better to think positive and reflect on the things that we should be thankful for. what are three things that are good in your life?

(i'll bet you get a bit of lift just from thinking of those 3 things! =)


Anonymous said...

1. My immediate family is happy and healthy
2. My husband is hard working and an excellent provider for his family.
3. There have been no poo-poo accidents today!

Fiona Picklebottom said...

1 - It's not winter.

2 - Kid's are not at this second at one another's throats, and that is because

3 - Our Mario Party 8 Wii game that had been sent off for repair or replacement arrived yesterday!

ConstanceTheSuper said...

1. Vacation
2. Steak for dinner tonight
3. Good friends

Constance the 14,000th said...

mmm! we are having steak for dinner too! steak cobb salad (minus blue cheese because the hubs hates it.)

my three things are:
it's almost naptime
my roses are all blooming
my husband rocks (no really, he does.)

Constance the Five Hundredth said...

1) I am going to be an auntie any day now

2) my husband is my best friend and we still make each other laugh

3) I spent all weekend outside and did not get sunburned....not even a little!

Constance the Ninth said...

1. My husband is really great and loving and our anniversary is this month

2 My children are healthy and we have enough money

3 My son is doing really well in his new school

Constance 50 said...

-husband is gooooood
-The Closer comes on tonight
-Hair appointment this week