Thursday, July 17, 2008


Things That Are Lame
1. When you leave a Diet Coke in the freezer and forget about it, only to wake up to a freezer that looks like a sparkling brown catacomb.
2. When you just can't find the right words. Two people I know what recently gone through some very traumatic and serious events. The kind of events that are heart wrenching and horrible, and seem like they are never going to get better. I NEVER know what to say. I feel like no matter what I say it's just not right.
3. When you get up very early, and feel energized and amazing until about noon and then you want to crash and take a nap but you can't because there is too much to do.


Things That Are NOT Lame
1. When you realize that it's 6:30 and that it is officially appropriate to have a small cocktail to help relax.
2. When you are ready to make a really delicious dinner for a very hard working husband-who really, really deserves it.
3. When you realize that it's about 1.5 hours away from bedtime for your kids and that you have Tivo'd Project Runway!


Anonymous said...

Lame: little babes who wake up every single hour during the night, wedding rings that no longer fit pudgy post-pregnancy fingers, hot weather with no air conditioning...

Not So Lame: little babes who nap wonderfully during the day and smile and giggle at you like you've hung the moon, exercising with baby and meeting cool new moms at the same time, hand-me downs, and sweet massages from hubby on mommy's sore shoulders....