Friday, July 25, 2008

Anger, is that you?

...that woman is me! It's been a long time since I have felt actual anger. The kind that I just can't quickly move past. The sitch today has got me all in a tizzy and I hate it! Especially when the person who is provoking me doesn't even know the truth of the matter. And going to MySpace and posting jabs thru the status update is just ridiculous and immature. But some how I have let it make me really mad---like I want to call her mad and tell her to get her facts and then do her talking. It made me want to be immature and sink to her level!! I realize that someone as arrogant as she is not EVER going to get it, especially if her husband lies to her. But it still really bothers me that she is trying to provoke me. It's making me conjure up the old me who sorta liked to have drama and loved to put people in their place. It's also making me want to give her a big old does of reality with the back of my hand, but of course, that is so not me. I really hate being angry, so somehow I need to figure out a way to move on. Cocktail, anyone?


Constance the 32nd said...

We can tag team her and egg her house. Because I am just that mature too. And I'll meet you in the apartment bar later tonight and we can play darts on a picture of her face. ;)

Constance the Super said...

Did I miss the dart-playing because I am all in!

People like this drive me crazy because it seems like no matter what I do nothing about them will ever change. I just do what I do in regards to them for myself because they're living in their own little bubbles. ARGH!

just me said...

Me too me too!!! In the past year my DH and I have become all too acquainted with delusional narcissists who live in their own little alternate reality. They will never change, you have taken the higher ground....keep your chin up and know that the people who matter to you (and a few of us constances as well:) KNOW the truth about who you are and that's the only important thing I shall go forth and take my own advice.

Down with Mean People!

Constance the 14,000th said...

thanks c's! it makes me feel better to know that other people know people like this who are so ridiculous, no dose of reality will ever wake them up!

and believe me, i wanted to sink to her level, i even typed an email twice and then deleted it!