Friday, August 1, 2008

I Pity the Fool(s)

So I suppose that it's safe to say that the Hubs and his friend/former employee will not be making up anytime soon. My husband doesn't care that much and attributes his pals lack of drive, and testicles to be a result of being with Brunhilda. Because when he lived here before they were not together and he was a TOTALLY different person. That being said, can I just tell you MySpace is such an interesting place. She is still posting stupid status updates, and changed some wedding picture titles to name my Husband as the "A$&hole" and "Worlds Worst Best Man." As the wife, it makes me mad because if you knew my husband you would know what a kind, generous person he is. I want Brunhilda to know the truth, but I realize that people like her and her husband are their own demise, and will never escape it because they are too stupid to realize it. It's way too easy for them to blame people around them instead.


Constance the Super said...

You just can't win with people like that. It sucks.