Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Three things...

...that I am looking forward to are....

1. going shopping alone later
2. a mini vacay with the hubs and my bff this weekend
3. when the day comes that i change my last diaper

How about you?


Kristen said...

-dressing up this weekend
-football starting
-the appraisal coming in

just me said...

- grocery shopping (stupid i know, but Friday is payday and the cupboards are bare!)
- sons room is almost done...yea!
- starting a book tonight by one of my favorite authors

WuhWuh? said...

- my son going for a "sleepover" at gmas house on Friday. Horray one kid down!
- Actually going somewhere fun this weekend (haven't all summer)
- the day I'm completely done with potty training!

Constance the Super said...

- 3 day weekend
- payday tomorrow
- Nike 10K "Human Race" run on Sunday