Friday, August 29, 2008

What To Do?

So the hubs and I are meeting my BFF (and one of his pals) at a sporting event this weekend. We are tailgating and staying the night without kids...YIPEE! I love to cook so I am excited to make some sausages with dipping sauces, grilled chicken with my own spice blend and various other delicious and naughty delights. We got a huge cooler and planning on having some serious unwind time since normally we have our kiddos and responsibilities. Not this weekend though!

We are all excited to go and then I remember (dun dun duuuuuun) that my SIL and flavor of month are coming too. Grrreat. First of all they haven't paid us for the tickets that we got which is a total of $125.00 that I am sure we will get stiffed for. Next, his sister is a (fake) vegetarian. I swear she still eats meat. So, she would tell you that it's because she thinks that nothing should die to become food and because meat is so unhealthy! But since she smokes Marlboro Reds and drinks practically every night, and lives off Jack in the Box tacos so how concerned is she with her health. And animal rights? She once left her dog here for 6 months, never called about it, never sent money for food-NOTHING. Whew. That felt good.'s my question:

Knowing that she is a vegetarian, do I have to make something different for her??? Would you? Why or why not? Thanks, C's.

oh and PS: she won't eat fish.




Swistle said...

Miss Manners says that when it's relatives, you have to. But what you do is, you just make more side dishes. A vegetarian can make a meal out of whatever you might normally serve with a meal: peas and corn and mashed potatoes, or chips and cole slaw and potato salad, or whatevs. You just make sure you've got enough there (like, not serve just hamburgers with no sides at all) and you are totally golden, etiquette-wise. You don't have to make an entirely separate main course, for example.

Anonymous said...

could you pretend that you forgot she was a veg?

or - like swistle said, more side dishes?

or - send her an email and tell her that you're planning meat dishes, and to bring her preferred alternatives!


Maggie said...

Miss Manners does say that you have to when it's family, but since your SIL clearly doesn't follow Miss Manners, I am not totally sure that you have to either.

Or maybe I'm just petty and mean.

I would say that if you are bringing more than one thing, that at least one of the things that you bring should be vegetarian friendly. But anything after that is just the kindness of your own heart and totally not required.

Mommy Writes said...

Or, pick up a thing of pre-made mac and cheese from your grocery store deli.

(kind of like swistle's idea, except mac and cheese actually can be a main course for a vegetarian and she can't complain that eating all your sides isn't a "balanced meal")

Put a post-it on the mac and cheese with her name. Then you can be all sweetness as soon as you see her: "oh, SIL, I remembered you weren't eating meat these days, so I brought this just for you."

And now she can't eat all your yummy stuff.

Christy said...

Ummm, I would maybe make up a small veggies platter. Nothing special.

WuhWuh? said...

I saymtell her whats up and maybe take her to the grocery store to buy her own food if it's an issue to her. She has to make it and the only thing you have to do is drive her there.

Jiff said...

Uh, you technically kill a plant to become food, too. It's not alive when you eat it.

So I guess she can starve to death. lol.