Monday, September 1, 2008


So my last post discussed my worries about being a good hostess and catering to my sister in laws stupid needs. Thanks for all the advice---you are all so wise!

However, it wasn't needed because she flaked at 9:30pm the night before via text message.

Did she offer to pay for the $150.00 tickets that we bought on her behalf (with the knowledge that she would have to pay us back?) NO. Did she even say sorry? NO! Am I surprised? NO!! What a jerk.

Now when ever someone says or does something that is incredibly thoughtless and rude, we say "OMG that is sooooo ______ _______." (Sorry, can't revel her name.)


Constance the Super said...


In my house it's my narcissistic mother we use as a gauge of others' (including ours) behavior. If someone is being selfish, we say, "Hello, (Mom's First Name)."