Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Worst Mom

My almost 3 year old drinks alot. (That sounded funn.) She drinks water and apple juice, although the apple juice is 1/4 juice and the rest water, but anywaaaay. I try to be diligent about not letting the cups sit out, but she must have hid one or somehting because last night she took a drink of one and made a gross face and started making some kind of choking noise.

As if that wasn't bad enough, she woke up last night crying and smelling like throwup, something she never does.

Go ahead, nominate me for Worst Mom.


WuhWuh? said...

it happens... and who knows, could have just been something she was coming down with anyways. You are NOT a bad mom if that is what you consider as "Bad" :D

Random misplaced sippy cups happen... what can you do.. the little stinkers put them in the most random places! :)

Not your fault, it happens to everyone at LEAST once, if not more!

Constance the Gazillionth said...

Meh, who knows how many old drinks my son has had! It's juice. Sugar preserves stuff, you know. ;)

No worst mom award for you!

Constance the 32nd said...

You are so not a bad mom! A few years ago, we were at my husband's softball game and my 4 year old took a swig of someone's beer. She didn't like it so much. She sure smelled like a drunk though. Later on, she found someone's Red Bull and downed it. She was bouncing off the walls all night long. The guy who's drink that belong too was a bit miffed that his drink was gone. I found it all to be pretty funny.

Constance the Super said...

Yeah, don't beat yourself up about it.

I am laughing my butt of at C32's Red Bull snatching child and the grown-up who was peeved. I would have just laughed. A lot.

Jiff said...

lol. She probably hid it from you or it got pushed aside and covered it and she found it. Nothing you did wrong. I think it's funny.