Sunday, September 28, 2008

Play Date Dillema

My almost 3 year old and I just returned from a B-day party at a local park. It was for a little boy we know. He just turned 3 and has a 4 year old brother who my kiddo plays with. Anyhow, I hesitate a lot to spend time with this particular family because their kids are rough. And they don't listen, and sorry to admit it, but they are kind of dirty too. They never have shoes on are manners are atrocious. So we don't have too many play dates. I like their mom, but she's kind of loopy and one of those mom's who is always waiting for a photo op. It sort of exhausting.

Then I started thinking about this, and I realize I have another friend who has kids that my kids like to spend time with and I feel the same way about them. Although, I do like that mommy a little better. But even she's a bit of a space case.

I am not a clean freak, or the type of mom that is following her kids all around the play ground. I do carry a lot of Purelle who doesn't? I am not uptight or super strict about things. I kind of just go with the flow, but do appreciate order. Anyway, my kid likes playing with these boys, but always ends up having some bad habits and attitudes when playtime is over, such as hitting and telling me no. I don't dig it.

So while I have feel genuinely (a little) bit bad that I have sort of distanced myself from these moms (because of their children), aren't I supposed to approve of who my kids spends time with? My kids are only almost 3 and barely 1. When is the right time to start filtering friends? Am I too picky? Am I some kind of jerk? I hate play dates.


Constance the 32nd said...

I HATE play dates too. Stop going to them a while ago. I'd much rather be insane and lonely than fake and judged. You are not a jerk and are right to make the decision that is best for you and your kids. Don't feel bad about it. Just come on over to my apartment anytime! My kids always have shoes on - albeit, on the wrong feet - and I'm not afraid to show them who is boss. I don't let them get away with crap like that. At least, I like to think that I don't!

Constance the Super said...

If it was just the shoes and stuff I might be tempted to tell you to overlook it, but there's bad behavior happening after spending time with these kids. Heck, this is the one time in your kid's life when you can control those "bad influence" kids. Embrace it! =)

Jiff said...

I would TOTALLY not set up any play dates with these kids. If they're rough and teaching your kids bad habits, then find someone else.