Monday, September 15, 2008

More MIL Madness.

My MIL lives about 400 miles away. She has no job. She has NO responsibilities. She complains to my Husband all the time that she misses our kids and blah blah blah. We invite her to come up all the time, and I have even told her that our home is always open for her to visit whenever she wants because I don't want it to seem like my husband and i think that she is a lunatic and that we secretly beyond ecstatic that she lives far away. This Sat we are having a family only 1st bday party for my youngest and she's not coming because she doesn't want to drive. And she hasn't even RSVP'd she just isn't responding to our invite. GRRRR. My husband told me that if she EVER mentions missing our kids again, he's gonna tell her to "shut her face." Good for him! At least I don't have to talk to her.


Constance65 said...

Oh, I am sorry you guys have to deal with this drama, but know I feel your pain. My mil lives a BLOCK away and can't/won't come over. Do they not get that it is for their grandchildren? Or if you really can't make it, let the person inviting you know? I send invites for every birthday & holidays and my family are the only ones who answer...strange...we may be related...or are our husbands.

Her birthday present has been ordered, but they are being super slow about shipping it. I hope it is something you don't have.

Constance the Super said...

People like that drive me berserk. Whine, whine, whine, but when you have the opportunity to do something that you say you want to do... just ignore it.