Friday, July 25, 2008

A Little Rant or My Head May Explode * updated

Hi C's!

Remember a while back when my husband had whirlwind trip back east to be the best man in his friends' wedding? Did I mention at that time that that friend was also one of our employees? Well, he was. We will call him H. He had worked for us since about September last year. He and my husband met about 5 year ago, just before we were getting married. We used to have great times together, cooking, drinking and hanging out. H moved to the east coast, and then moved back last year with his bride to be.

Yesterday, my husband had to fire him and it wasn't pretty. H was employed with us because he had all his tools, a truck and a certain level of skill that his job required. Over the past few months, he has totally lost all drive and motivation (could it be because that he was marrying Brunhilda?) and basically was not the best employee. He was constantly complaining about money and being poor and the rising gas prices etc but did nothing to help his situation by working harder or more. We are sure that he thinks because our name is on the business that we are incredibly wealth and we roll around in hundred dollar bills at night. Anyhow, he's no showed before because he found a better job (or so he thought) and the called begging for his job back. My husband said ok.

Yesterday my husband told him that he needed to drive his truck to the job, rather than his wife's little commuter car, because he needed to take his own tools to the job and couldn't leave them there. H's response was "Sorry, I can't I can't afford the gas." This was the straw that broke my husbands back. The job is about 25 minutes from his house. So, seeing that he refused to do his job as required, my husband told him to take the day off and that he would have his paycheck for him things got a little ugly and he ended up getting fired.

Today my husband brought H's tools and check to the job site for him to pick up. H came, and took his stuff and called my husband a f-ing asshole which has got me infuriated right now. Why, you ask? Because my husband is anything but that. And apparently H cannot see what he did wrong here. I am furious that we spent more than one thousand dollars for my husband to be his best man and that he is so rude and ungrateful that he can't perform his job as required because the price of gas is so high!! Gas prices affect us as well, but you don't see me telling him that I can't afford to pay him because of the economy. I am not complaining, owning a business costs a lot of money. For every 16 we pay an employee, we are actually paying 26+ because of workers comp, liability, and payroll taxes. Not to mention all the other business related expenses that we have. We are a little comfortable right now, but by no means rolling around in $100 bills, ya'll.

I suppose that the kicker is that he drove about 60 miles in his truck, to our home last weekend to BBQ and drink beer and hang out, but can't afford to drive to his job to get paid? Interesting. I have to say that H was a really cool guy in the past. Like, really cool. Very comfortable, and polite. I know right now, my husband is mad. But I would be hurt. And then mad again. Whatevs, I guess.

2:41 pm UPDATE: So H's wife went the mature route and posted something lame on myspace about hating it when people say they are your friend and don't give a sh&t about your well being. Just wondering--is it my responsibility to make sure that her husband does is job or are we supposed to pay him to be lazy? Just asking. Obvs he didn't tell his wife the whole truth! GRRRRRRRRR I am mad!)


"Constance-1-M" said...

Damn that sucks. It's hard to loose a good employee, but to have a FRIEND bite you in the tail like that ...

Wonder how long until he calls to apologize this time?

(The 60 miles to eat & drink but not 30 to work would have set me off too ... you gotta work to play ykwim?)

Constance the Super said...

That sucks. And I think it's laughable that the wife is all cheesed off about friends who don't care about your well-being. Is she talking about you? Or HER???

Constance 50 said...

OH! This would really piss me off. I know it costs a lot to own a business. My family does and it's a lot. People don't get it.