Thursday, April 24, 2008

Calling all Moms

The same kid that is having issues with saying please is 27 months. She is really smart and has great verbal skills. She has always been ahead of her age group in books and what not. So why does she only have like a %10 interest in potty training?

She has a musical potty, magazine, princess panties and the whole 9 yards. She even gets marshmallows when she goes.

So mommy's of the Pink Apartment, got any tricks that you want to share for potty training?

I guess that I should mention that we waited to potty train until after her sister was born. We wanted to make sure that we had the ability to be consistent and also felt that the transition period of having a new sibling would be too much all at once.


Constance the Fifty First said...

Sorry to tell you that BOTH of my children didn't train until quite late. My son was already almost 4.5 and my daughter about to turn 4. It didn't matter what I tried or did, they just didn't do it until they were ready. It took all of 2 weeks for both of them to train when it happened, and in fact my son was trained basically overnight.

Constance the Seventy Third said...

My son is 26 months and has zero interest in potty training as well. His cousin (who is almost 3) is potty trained and he sees her use the potty. One of his little friends is potty trained as well, but he still could give a crap less about the potty. We've tried, but he balks. I figure why push it... eventually they'll be interested.

Not So Perfect said...

I have no advice for you NONE, ZIPPO, ZILCH. Ella will be 3 in August she is not even interested in it 10%. I think if you make it an issue it will become an issue. Let her tell you when she is ready. I have already made the mistake of trying to pressure her into it. She doesn't work that way and I should have known better. Every kid is different and what works for one won't work for another. But if you find something that works let me know. ;-)

Not So Perfect said...

What is a lady in a pink apartment?