Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Letter to My Kid

Dear 2 year old kid,

Don't you get it by now that if you don't say please you will not get raisins, yogurt, markers, or anything else that you want? Can't you understand that I hate not being able to give you what you want merely because you are being stubborn and won't say the magic words? Don't you realize that it's polite and courteous to say PLEASE?

I know that you can say it considering that you speak in sentences now and always that THANK YOU, THANKS MOM, THANK YOU VERY MUCH and other various forms of gratitude.

So why why why why why won't you just say please? Even when I won't give you want you want, you still won't say it! What's the deal?

Your Mother


"Constance-1-M" said...

Because girls are biologically stubborn and contrary. ;)

At least that's why my mother used as the excuse for my behavior! LOL

Constance65 said...

Ha! I am with constance-1-m.....my 5 year old still has issues with please!

Not So Perfect said...

Ha ha ha she sounds a lot like Ella. I will even ask her can you please say please and she gives me a callous look and says "no!"